About us

We are a company specializing in production and sale of flavors, functional, coloring and technological solutions for various food industries. We are supported by our modern facilities in production, laboratory and logistics.

Quality and safety

We offer high quality products for many food industries.

Technology and innovation

We focus on development and continuous improvement.

Mission and values

We improve food quality for the sake of consumers' health.

Family company

We work on relationships and generational responsibility.

Sectors B2B

We offer products necessary to produce healthy and tasty food. We provide support in creating individual and innovative solutions for the meat, bakery, dairy, ready meals, fish and pet food industries.

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Our offer consists of wide range of unique food additives that improve taste, aroma, appearance and consistency. Our many years of experience allows us to provide our business partners with solutions that meet and often exceed their expectations.

Mieszanki fukcjonalne

Functional blends


Flavor blends


Broths, sauces and marinades


SACCO protective and starter cultures




Vege products


Extracts & Hydrolysates


Natural colorants


We care about consumers’ health

Quality and safety of products we make, the way they influence production of food and health of consumers is our top priority.

We maintain high standards by implementing advanced quality control and food safety systems.

We provide our customers with products that are safe and of high quality.

It can be achieved thanks to the integrated quality management system BRC and IFS, which guarantees high standards of food safety.

Knowledge Base

How to naturally extend the shelf life of food?

The world is changing, and so are consumer demands. Food matching modern trends has to be, above all, safe, natural and have a "clean" label.

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