UNICO – trust created with taste!

We are a family company, located in Green Lungs region of Poland. Since 1995, our flavors, functional and technological solutions are used by most of the food industry leaders.

As a specialized production and trading company, we have modernized technological, laboratory and logistic facilities.

By maintaining the highest safety and quality standards, we carry out projects for the most demanding customers B2B. We believe in success of our business partners, that’s why we respond to their needs in an innovative way and quickly respond to changes while maintaining the highest standards of our production operations.

Business Vision

The main goal of the owners from the beginning was to create a modern company based on the development and ethical values.
Running a responsible family business, created an unique business environment. This had an impact on the long lasting relationships with our business partners from Poland and abroad but also on the structure of the organization.

Thanks to these efforts we have become an innovator and a reliable production and trading company in the food market.

Working for the Family Business Foundation, UNICO shares its accepted values with other businesses in Poland. Relying on the win to win principle, it learns but also inspires-emphasizing the fact that what’s important are the people, workplace and high organizational culture.

Constructive dialogue, team work and generational responsibility are the guarantees of trust, constant development and corporate social responsibility.

We guarantee Uniqueness

The needs of our customers constantly evolving due to changing consumer preferences. It's a driving force that releases more and more creativity and innovative thinking in us. The result is the satisfaction of our business partners and the success of the company. A professional, strong team thanks to effective communication is not afraid of difficulties and treats it as a motivator for further development and improvement.

Our long lasting relationship with our business partners are based on flexible approach to their needs. Understanding the work philosophy, availability and timeliness is the foundation of cooperation based on mutual respect and trust. Thanks to this we are able to respond to market needs, and often be ahead of its expectations.

Mission and values

Our business is accompanied by a mission, which we carry out with a sense of a job well done. We make every effort to ensure that our products improve food quality and have a significant impact on consumer health. Through this, we promote and inspire food manufacturers.

The right selection of technology, knowledge and skills allow us to achieve this goal in accordance with current food law regulations.

    Our mission is supported by a system of company values that obligates us to strictly:

  •   comply with the law, business ethics and internal regulations,
  •   keep commitments and take responsibility for our decisions and actions,
  •   respect dialogue in every area of cooperation,
  •   respect information security.

A learning organization

Our company is building its future so that all employees seek new challenges and find opportunities for growth through change. Improving and catching up with the best, changes UNICO Polska into the organization of tomorrow, which thoughtfully achieves its set goals.

We have decided that the most optimal way is to share the knowledge and fully utilize the potential of existing and new employees.

Over the past few years, our long-term efforts were recognized and honored with the title of "Learning Organization" in the category of Micro and Small Enterprises in the Podlaskie Province.

Proprietary programs of best practice that were implemented: Planning and Organization of Work, Learning from Mistakes, Dissemination of Knowledge after training, brought surprising results that crowned these honorable distinctions. Thanks to this experience we have facilitated learning for all employees and consciously transformed the UNICO Company into a self-improving organization.


As a responsible company, we believe that creating the right business environment optimally affects the supply chain, production, distribution and management to form a coherent whole.

    We achieve sustainability by:

  •   responsible and sustainable business management,
  •   ensuring safety in technological and quality processes,
  •   taking care of the health and safety of employees,
  •   conducting responsible waste management system,
  •   healthy eating education.