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Privacy policy


At UNICO Polska, we are committed to providing customers’ safety and we are serious about taking responsibility for the safety of their data.  We inform about the data collected and how it is used, in a clear and well defined way.

The Privacy Policy determines following issues:

  • What personal data we collect and process about you in regard to being our customer and in regard to your use of our websites, online store, newsletter and other online services;
  • What we do with the data
  • How long we process the data
  • Who we share and disclose the data with
  • How the user’s right to data protection is carried out


The administrator of your personal data is UNICO Polska


Personal data refers to any information about you that would identify you, such as your first and last name, contact information, customer number, login, payment details and information about accessing our website.

We may collect your personal in the areas that include but are not limited to: selling the products and services we offer, creating an account in our online store, using our website and other websites accessible through our website, participating in a questionnaire or contest, subscribing to our newsletter, or contacting us.

We can specifically collect data that belong to the following categories:

  • First and Last Name, home address, email address, phone number, credit/debit card details or other payment details,
  • Information about your preferences related to your use of the products and services we offer,
  • Information about the purchase of our products and services and those of our partners
  • Information about the use of our website
  • Contact with you either through postal service, e-mail, social media chats or phone


We process your personal data:

  • for the purpose of providing electronic services and entering into sales contracts – the legal basis for processing personal data is Article 6(1) of the GDPR
  • in order for the Company to provide you with marketing materials – the legal basis for processing your personal data is the Company’s legitimate interest (Article 6(1)) of the GDPR; the Company’s legitimate interest consists of providing you with the marketing information during the period of providing you with the services electronically, by post and other way to which you have agreed
  • for the purpose of meeting the Company’s legal obligations under generally binding legal regulations, including tax and accounting regulations – the legal basis for processing personal data is Article 6(1)(c) of the GDPR
  • for analytical and statistical purposes – the legal basis for processing personal data is the Company’s legitimate interest (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR), the Company’s legitimate interest is to analyze the results of its business activity
  • in order to pursue the Company’s legitimate interest in establishing or pursuing claims or to defend against claims – the legal basis for processing personal data is the Company’s legitimate interest (Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR)


Your personal data will be processed:

  • for the personal data processing when entering into and carrying out sale contract-for the time needed to provide all requirements under the contract. 
  • the duration of the services for the personal data processing in order to provide electronic services
  • for the  personal data processing in order to provide you with the marketing information-for time being until raise an objection.
  • for the personal data processing for analytical and statistical purposes, for the duration of the services provided.
  • for the period of existence of the Company’s legally justified interests (e.g. until the end of the period of limitation of claims) for the personal data processing in order to meet Company’s legally justified interest.

When processing your personal data, we must also take into account the periods of time for which we must keep it in order to comply with requirements under common law.

When personal information is no longer needed, it will be securely deleted or destroyed. We are also analyzing how we can minimize the amount of personal information we use over time and whether we can anonymize your personal information so that it does not relate to you or identify you. In the last case, we will be able to use such information without informing you.


Our Company will not transfer your personal data to third countries.


The receivers of your personal data may be:

  • state and local government institutions and authorities entitled to obtain data on the basis of legal regulations
  • Trusted service providers used by the Company to conduct its business, such as: IT systems and services providers 
  • postal and courier operators, transport service providers, operators of electronic payment systems and banks in the field of payment processing
  • insurance companies in terms of providing insurance services for transactions
  • legal service providers with regard to the collection of unpaid debts
  • Our trusted independent partners who offer their products and services through our website; in case the product or service offered on our website is bought by a third party, you can be at the same time our customer and customer of the other party. Both, our partners and us have the right to collect and share information about you, including contact and billing information.

Social Media: You may access social media services offered by third parties through our websites or those available prior to accessing our sites. In order to improve and personalize your experience on our sites, We will obtain personal information of the user who is logged in to his social media account and which he agrees to share with us through such service in accordance to privacy policy of such service. We may also use social media plugins on our websites. As a result, your information may be shared with the social media service provider and possibly shown on your social media profile for sharing with other social media users. To learn more, please review the privacy policies of the relevant independent social media providers.


Our Company has appointed  Data Protection Officer who can be contacted at:


Under certain circumstances, you have the right to:

  • Request information about whether your personal information is stored, and if so, what information is stored and the purpose for which we store/use it
  • Request access to your personal information
  • Requesting Correction of your personal data we store. You may complete any incomplete data or correct any inaccurate information about you that we store.
  • Request to delete data.  You an request for your personal data to be deleted or removed if there are no reasons given for their further processing.  Additionally, you have the right to request your personal data to be deleted or removed if you raised an objection for data processing .
  • Object to the processing of your personal data where we process it based on of our legitimate interest (or that of a third party), or in your particular case, if there is a reason for which you would like to raise an objection for processing. In addition, you have the right to object if we process your personal data for direct marketing purposes
  • Object to automated decision-making, including profiling, i.e. object to automated decision-making about you using your personal data or object to profiling
  • Requests for limitation of processing.  You may request that we suspend the processing of your personal data, for example, if you would like us to determine the accuracy of the data or the reason for the processing.
  • Request for transfer of personal data. You have the right to data transfer, which includes the right to receive the data and send it to another controller or to request, that the data be sent directly to another controller, if technically possible.
  • Withdrawing Consent. In limited circumstances, if you gave consent for collection, processing and transfer of personal data for a specific purpose, you have the right to its withdrawal at any time. As soon as we are notified of your withdrawal of consent, we will stop processing your data for reasons the withdrawn consent was given,  unless we have another legitimate interest in doing so.

In order to take advantate of any of the above rights, please send appropriate statements in writing to: Aleja Piłsudskiego 68 or electronically (e-mail to:

We inform you that providing personal data is voluntary, however it is necessary in order to provide your with services ore enter into sales agreements. Failure to provide the personal data required by the Company will result in inability to provide services or enter into sale agreements.


Our Privacy Policy is subject to change. You will be notified of any changes in the document by email or a notice posted on our website.

Cookies Policy

The below Cookies Policy describes the rules of writing and getting access to data on the devices of users who use the service to provide services electronically by the Service Administrator.


  • Service -internet service that works under
  • Outside service-internet service of our partners, service providers or Administrator’s service receivers.
  • Administrator-UNICO Polska, located at Aleja Pilsudskiego 68, with VAT registration number: PL7182138126, who is registered in the District Court in Białystok, XII Commercial Department of the National Court Register under the number KRS: 0000851600, who provide electronic services and who stores and receives access to information kept in User’s devices.
  • User-person for whom the Administrator provides services by electronic means
  • Device-electronic device including the software, which is used by the User to access the service system/
  • Cookies-text data which is stored in file format kept on the User’s device.


  • Internal cookies-files published and decoded from the User’s device by the computerized service system. 
  • External cookies- files published and decoded from the User’s device by the computerized external service systems. 
  • Session  Cookies- files published and decoded from the User’s device by external service or services during one session of a particular device.  Upon completion of the session, the files are deleted from the User’s device. 
  • Permanent cookies-files published and decoded from the User’s device by the external service or services until they are manually deleted.  Files are not deleted automatically after the session is over, unless the User’s device configuration is set to remove cookie files after the session on the device has finished. 


  • Storage and retrieval mechanisms-mechanisms of storing and retrieving of cookies do  not allow for downloading of any personal data or any confidential information from the User’s device.  Transfer of viruses, trojan horses or other buts is practically impossible.
  • Internal Cookies-internal cookies used by the administrator are safe for the Users’ device
  • External Cookies-The administrator is not responsible for the safety of the cookie files coming from service partners.  The list of partners is published in the later section of Cookie Policy


-improving and upgrade of service access-Administrator can store information about cookie files and about preferences and settings of service in order to improve, upgrade and accelerate service provided

Marketing and Advertisement-Administrator and external services use cookie files for marketing and advertisement services of Users.

Statistical Data-Administrator and external services use cookie files to collect and process statistical data such as: statistics on visits, statistics on user’s devices or user’s actions. The data is collected in order to analyze and improve the service. 

Outside Services

Administrator cooperates with the following outside services who can place cookie files on User’s devices.

  • Google Analytics


  • User can individually change settings regarding saving, deleting, and accessing cookie files at any time
  • Information about turning off cookie files in most common computer browsers and mobile devices is available at: ‘how to turn off cookies’ site.
  • User can delete all saved cookie files at any time by using user’s device tools through the service that is used by the User.


  • Administrator uses all possible resources in order to provide safety of data that is kept in coolie files. It is important, however that safety of this data is determined by both parties including the User’s activity and status of security of the device used. 
  • Administrator is not responsible for data kept in cookie files,
  • impersonation of User’s session or deletion of files by either conscious or unconscious User’s activity, viruses, trojan horses or other spyware with which User’s device may be infected.
  • In order to  protect themselves from the threats indicated in previous point, Users should follow the internet cybersecurity rules. 
  • Services provided by the third party are beyond Administrator’s control. These parties can change their terms of services provided, purpose or usage of cookie files at any time.  Administrator is not responsible as long as the law allows for cookie files used by partner services.  Users can individually manage the permissions and settings of cookie files for any website.


  • Limiting of saving or accessing cookie files on user’s device may cause some service functions to not work properly.
  • Administrator is not responsible for an malfunctions of the website if user limits in any way the saving and reading ability of cookie files.


  • Administrator has the right to freely change this  policy without informing the users.
  • Changes in this cookie policy will always be published on this website.
  • Changes made are effective the day cookie policy is published