Broths, sauces, marinades

Our products are representing tasty home cooking. Mixes that we have developed are the essence of traditional tastes from our childhood. There are also products for modern gourmet that are inspired by the various world cousins and tastes which emphasize the newest cooking techniques.

Collection of broths, sauces, components for production of mayonnaise, mustard and marinades make the best flavor base for the leading manufacturers of ready-made dished that we know of from TV commercials.

The know-how and the availability of wide range of raw materials of highest quality, allow us to be flexible and adjust to individual needs of our customers who want to make tasty home dishes at industrial rate.

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Advantages of our products

  • innovative
  • production optimalisation
  • high concentration and heat stability
  • achieving expected quality characteristics
  • production repeatability
  • guarantee of high-quality products

We offer

  • broths, powdered and pastes in following flavors: vegetable, poultry, pork, beef
  • ready made sauces, mustards or mayonnaise either in powdered version for hydration or as a semi-product to prepare by an individual
  • marinades for different kinds of meat, made with spices, dehydrated vegetables or herbs, as well as natural extracts
  • products available also for vegans and vegetarians

Processes support

We provide a high standard of following services:


Steam sterilization











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