Quality and safety

Creating and producing safe products of highest quality is the core of the business which is inscribed the vision and mission of our company. We take care of the highest quality of our production ingredients because we care about our customers. Priority treatment of quality control became a foundation of our everyday activity.

Implemented and constantly improved quality system is based on international standards IFS Food.

Thanks to periodical traingins in food safety, our teams awarness for responsibility of the quality of products and services is growing. We monitor and supervise technological processes, raw materials and packaging and we provide high quality of our products by analyzing the dangers in entire technological process.

Supplier cooperation

The suppliers of raw materials and products with whom we cooperate are subject to through assessment both in terms of quality of products offered and of implemented quality systems or held certificates.

The key element of our business stragety is to select suppliers who provide high quality products and the best purchasing terms related to cost efficiency. Our supplier approval system expands the quality and risk assesment in the supply chain to issues of social business responsibility.

The main goal is to create trustworthy, global base of best suppliers whose products guarantee safety for consumers.


We feel responsible for quality and safety of the products we offer to our customers. IFS Food and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety confirm that production processes are carried out not only so that they can meet the highest quality requirements but also legal, ethical and environmental requirements.

We are responsible not only for our own safety, but also for safety of others, that’s why good and true communication is exercised.

    New procedures guarantee:

  •   continuous functioning of our company,
  •   control and quick reaction in situations of crisis,
  •   safety-we take care of self and others.