Dietary fibres

NOVACELL is a group of soluble and insoluble food fibers, made for the most demanding customers of food industry. The use of multipurpose fibers and their support for many technological processes influences constant quality control and optimizes costs of production of the final products.

This line of NOVACELL products provide a great source of natural dietary fiber in products that are dedicated for consumers who pay special attention to healthy nutrition.

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Advantages of our products

  • processed at low degree
  • high nutritional values
  • great functionality while maintaining clean label
  • water binding in a final product
  • provide thickening function in food products
  • improves texture of a final product and prevents from syneresis

We offer

  • functional cellulose, wheat and bamboo fibers
  • functional cocoa fibers
  • functional vegetable fibers
  • functional citrus and fruit fibers
  • functional grain fibers
  • functional fibers from legume family

Processes support

We provide a high standard of following services:

Dietary fibres

Steam sterilization

Dietary fibres


Dietary fibres


Dietary fibres


Dietary fibres


Dietary fibres


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